Eco-Friendly is in!

So here we are thinking… shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?

2020’s Earth Day theme is Climate Action. Climate concerns are a leading subject in social and political discussions all over the world. With over 7 billion people on the planet, mother nature has dealt with so much and now is the time to get involved to make an impact.

Contributing to Climate Action can be easy and rewarding, here are just a few easy but most importantly, impactful ways to kick start your Eco-friendly lifestyle:

  • Choosing to recycle/compost makes a huge difference in reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Making the switch from paper towels to reusable washcloths is effortless yet valuable.
  • Investing in a pair of reusable straws/utensils can help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean.
  • And our personal favorite ? Switching to a more environmentally friendly source to power your home.

The burning of fossil fuels to power homes and businesses leads to about one-third of the nation’s carbon emissions. So wouldn’t it be cool if we had a natural and cheaper source of energy, to power our homes and businesses instead? Oh wait a minute…

Did you know that more energy falls on the earth from the sun in one hour, than we the world uses in one year? Rooftop Power has made the journey to go solar so simple and convenient for homeowners to bank off the energy falling from the sun right now!

The fact is, not every home qualifies for solar. It falls on those of us who can take advantage of this opportunity to make the right choice and help where we can. This quote by Bill Nye helps illustrate this point:

“To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up
other people’s trash.” – Bill Nye

Here at Rooftop Power we are incredibly passionate about what we do and truly want to make this world a better place, one rooftop at a time. The reason why… because the Earth is what we all have in common. Every solar system installed helps ensure a greener future for us and the next generation. Eco- Friendly is in, and we are The Renewable Generation.