Solar Myths DEBUNKED

Solar is going up everywhere: in fields, on your neighbors home, huge commercial properties of our favorite retailers like Costco and Walmart, our local fire stations etc… but there are a few “myths” out there keeping people from saving a whole lot of money.

We’re here to set the record straight on these top 5 solar myths, read on as we debunk some of the solar industry’s greatest myths and correct the viewpoint of solar energy.

1. MYTH: Solar Doesn’t Work in The Winter

FACT: In New England, as you know, the weather around here can sometimes be overcast, and some winters we get a lot of snow. Overcast days just slow down production, but we account for this in our estimates, so it’s the snow that has the bigger impact. Since we place panels on sunny roofs the majority of solar panels melt the snow before it accumulates at all. If we get some of our famous Nor Easters, you may see some snow build-up, and with a fairly pitched roof it will actually slide off in sheets. It’s something to be aware of, more for safety than anything. In the end, these panels are designed for the weather in this area and won’t break or be damaged.

2. MYTH: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

FACT: After your free energy consultation and design proposal we conduct a site survey. During this step, our surveyor will check on the roof condition, electrical situations, and structural support. In the event that your roof is qualified but needs some TLC on the shingles, we can typically roll in a reroof as well, and if your sun exposure is sufficient you will still be saving money.

On the rare occasion that there’s an issue due to installation, if you are installed with Rooftop Power our insurance will cover it and fix the issue. Since we are conveniently located in Warwick, we can be there ASAP.

3. MYTH: Reselling Your Home Will be Difficult With Solar Panels

FACT: The short answer to this myth is that everything transfers to the new owner! You’ll get to enjoy saving on your electric bill while you own the home, then transfer the system and the savings with the sale of the house to the new homeowner.

This usually results in selling your house faster to any buyer interested in solar, because you did the research for them and grandfather them in on higher incentives.

4. MYTH: Installing Solar Panels is Complicated and Requires a lot of Maintenance

FACT: The solar panels you see going up everywhere require little to no maintenance; this form of solar technology is commonly known as “passive solar” since it has no moving parts. Solar hot water and other active solar projects that use pumps and machinery are still being done around the US today, however, that’s not what we’re talking about here. This new technology is so reliable and maintenance-free that it allows businesses to place thousands of panels across their roofs or in the fields you notice while driving. When you’re chatting with us about your home, ask us about micro inverters and how that’s improving the technology even further.

5. MYTH: Solar Panels Are Expensive And The Payback Period is Too Long

FACT: Look, like everything in this world nothing is free. However, with all the incentives and programs available to qualified homeowners you’ll get your solar panels installed with no out-of-pocket expense, and actually replace your utility bill with a lower solar payment. In addition to that, your solar payment is paying off something you own. We say: why pay more for something you rent when you can own for less?

Now let’s set the record straight when it comes to the average payback period. With sufficient sun exposure, a system pays itself off in around 7 years. Considering they are expected to last 25+ years it’s a great deal for anyone who qualifies and as always the best way to find out if you qualify is to schedule a free savings assessment.

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