We Are The Renewable Generation

It’s 2020, the start of a new generation, and our actions will determine if we make it a great one. On this day, people have more ability to affect the world around them, and it is our responsibility to take advantage of this in a positive way. Because of this, RooftopPower has created the movement “The Renewable Generation,” and we want you to join us. Let us tell you about it. “The Renewable Generation” is a movement not focused on age, but focused on choice. When you are born determines if you’re a baby boomer, a gen x/y/z, but we believe it’s not when you’re born but how you act that determines your character. The Renewable Generation consists of people who stand up and make choices for positive change. People who have decided to make a difference and generate change instead of waiting for others to do the same. It is made up of people who know about the responsibility to care and preserve this earth we live on, and that there are so many ways to make better choices for our planet. Our favorite way to affect change is to change the way people power their lives, bringing clean, affordable renewable energy to any qualified home we can get to. Residents all over New England, no matter what age/gender/religion, have joined us in our movement. They see the impact they can make and understand the benefit of creating a better world to live in for themselves and future generations. On top of that, we get to benefit from a reduced cost of power each month and choose what form of energy our power bill funds. We argue that everyone can make renewable life choices for a better tomorrow.

All of us are getting older, have busy lives, have expenses, and whatever else can be used as an excuse. Instead of making excuses, The Renewable Generation uses solar to take advantage of that energy from the sun. We carpool to work, say no thank you to plastic straws, invest in reusable water bottles. We do whatever makes us smile, knowing we made a difference because of our decision. The world doesn’t need a million people eliminating their carbon footprint, or living a zero waste lifestyle100%. We need a million people TRYING and incorporating this lifestyle to make a difference, and we need to start with small accomplishments. Our belief. We can do it! We are The Renewable Generation. We owe this to our beautiful planet and our future generations.