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Is Solar a Good Idea For Your Home in Rhode Island?

With new technologies, regulatory actions, and financial incentives, solar in Rhode Island is becoming more affordable than ever. In fact, Rhode Islanders can take advantage of the 30% federal tax… Rhode Island solar installation - top questions answered

The Top 5 Questions Surrounding Solar

The Top 5 Questions Surrounding Solar: AnsweredWill solar save me money? How much does solar cost? We often hear many of these questions and have answered them specifically for Rhode… Rhode Island - How do solar panels work?

How Solar Panels Work

How Solar Panels Work A solar panel is a device that uses sunlight to generate electricity. It uses photovoltaic cells made of silicon to turn sunlight into electrical current. This… Rhode Island Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy In 2022

U.S. Electricity Was Over 25% Renewable Sourced Energy25.23% of the country’s electrical generation capacity in the first six months of 2022 came from renewable energy sources! This is according to… Rhode Island Solar Panels at Night

Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

Solar At NightThe simple answer is no, solar panels do not work at night. Panels require sunlight in order to generate energy. The confusion regarding solar panels at night is… Should you clean solar panels in Rhode Island

Should You Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels is an essential part of maintaining your solar power system. But why is keeping it clean so important? Simply put, a dirty solar system just isn’t as… Do solar panels work in the snow during Rhode Island winters?

Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

Many people think temperatures dip in the winter because Earth is farther from the sun. But in reality, Earth is farthest in July and closest in January. The common myth… Rhode Island solar panels helping the environment

Do Solar Panels Help The Environment?

Many people know that solar power is “green energy”, but what does that necessarily mean? Not everyone knows the specific benefits that solar power offers to the environment and even…