Net Metering in Rhode Island

Net Metering in Rhode Island

As a Rhode Island homeowner who puts solar panels on their roof, you want to make sure you get credit for all of the power your system generates.

Fortunately, Rhode Island has a net metering policy in place that credits you for the extra electricity your system produces, which is then allowed to be used as credits when your system doesn’t generate enough power. You can learn more about National Grid’s net metering program here.

National Grid’s Rates & Prices for Net Metering

National Grid customers within Rhode Island who choose to get solar panels installed are eligible to receive net metering credits when utilizing a solar panel system. Like most net metering programs, National Grid’s program allows customers to balance out the amount of energy consumed with the amount that their solar system generates. The residential rate varies and can be found on the National Grid’s website.

Is There a Cap on Net Metering?

There is currently no net metering cap for National Grid’s Rhode Island customers.

What Happens with my Bill Credits?

“Net Metering Credits” which are applicable when a solar customer generates more electricity than is consumed, can be calculated by multiplying the excess kilowatt-hours (kWh) by the current rate. The credits are a dollar value applied to a customer’s account during each billing period and can be used towards other Nation Grid billing accounts.

Any credits that are not used will accrue on the customer’s account and customers should not expect to receive a check or payment for these credits as they do not expire.

Which Company Should you Choose?

If you are a Rhode Island resident and you are considering solar for your home, we recommend you choose a local company.

Rooftop Power is the most trusted local name in solar providing a full turnkey solar panel installation process for our customers. From start to finish we handle the entire process in-house unlike most solar companies.

Are There Other Solar Incentives?

If you’re looking to learn about all of the different solar incentives and rebates Rooftop Power can offer for going solar, please check out our blog post here for more details.

National Grid offers an alternative program within Rhode Island for solar known as the “Rhode Island Renewable Energy (RE) Growth Program. This program allows customers with solar panel systems to sell their output at a fixed price under long-term tariffs. You can read about the Rhode Island Renewable Energy (RE) Growth Program in a separate blog post here.

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