Rooftop Power offers a full turnkey solar installation service for nearly any residential property. Through our partnerships we are able to offer lease/PPA’s, $0 down finance options, and we work with any financing a homeowner prefers to use.

We offer both rooftop and ground mount solar solutions depending on viability, and what works best for our homeowners. At RTP we have experience with all state incentive programs, and maintain positive relationships with program administrators to make sure our customers receive the best incentives possible.

We treat you like our neighbors because… well, we are your neighbors!


Rooftop Power offers a full turnkey service for nearly any commercial property, small or big. Whether it be a traditional rooftop installation, ground mount, or something more unique such as a carport/canopy or ballast type system, we are equipped for any job.

Commercial solar has many incentives available, and even programs which allow a $0 down investment to get started. Let us help you figure out how to combine these incentives and programs to help your company be in the black, by saving some green.

Additional Services

RTP Smart Home

Experience Smart Home living! Control the temperature, door locks, lights, garage, monitor your solar production and more all through one single app.

Our professional consultants will help you customize your Smart Home to protect what you value most.