Save The Bay: A Rhode Island Favorite

Save the Bay-Specifically a Rhode Island favorite, Oakland Beach Rooftop Power’s home is here in the Ocean State, Rhode Island. Being surrounded by the ocean means we benefit from having many options to choose from when it comes to beaches! As a renewable company with like-minded individuals, we wanted to help keep the beaches clean for ourselves and future generations, so we found a way to give back.

We decided to participate with the non-profit organization Save the Bay as they came out to Oakland Beach for a cleaning. When we first arrived, the organizers outfitted us with trash bags and trash gloves, as well as trash grabbing tools to make the job quick and easy. At first glance, the beach already looked clean, but as our team went through the beach we found lots of pieces of rubbish, plastic bottle caps, rubber bands, and cigarette butts. Rhode Island solar environment clean up

Walking back to the check-in booth with our bags and bags of garbage, we couldn’t help but feel happy that our Rooftop Power team made a difference. The vibes and energy from our team, other volunteers, and the beach lovers were incredible. People who care enough to take time out of their busy lives to volunteer to make a difference are the people we need on our team. Warwick Rhode Island solar environment clean up

Whether it’s something small like refilling your water bottle instead of buying a plastic new one, volunteering at a beach clean up, or using the sun for clean energy to power your home… anyone and everyone can make a difference.

Join our movement, The Renewable Generation. Rooftop Power